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火狐体育官网下载:老米感谢伍兹激发其健身 并不想成为德尚博式大炮

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   Beijing time on October 22, Mickelson often said that he owed Tiger Woods a lot.


   The 50-year-old American star knows that Woods has helped the popularity of golf soar. For this reason, tournament bonuses and personal sponsorship fees have also risen. And a successful player like Mickelson also returned with a full load.


   This week, Mickelson returned to the PGA Tour at the ZOZO Championship. Last week, he had just achieved his second win during his second appearance on the Championship Tour. At such a time, he praised Woods for helping him in another aspect: longevity.


   Since winning the PGA Tour as an amateur in 1991, Mickelson has been very competitive on the tour.


"Looking back, I hope that at the peak of my career, I can be more determined in fitness...but Tiger spurred me to start physical training, and this prolonged my career," Mickelson at Sherwood Country Club on Wednesday Say.


   In the past few years, Mickelson's distance has increased significantly, even though he is getting older. But on the one hand, he hopes that his fitness situation will be better. On the other hand, he does not regret that he did not catch up with those "cannons" early in his career. Although Bryson DeChambeau set new standards for small ball speed and serve distance, Mickelson said that playing too far in his era didn't help.

在过去的几年中,即使他变老了,米克尔森的距离也大大增加了。但一方面,他希望自己的身体状况会更好。另一方面,他不后悔自己在职业生涯初期没有赶上那些“大炮”。尽管布赖森·德尚博(Bryson DeChambeau)为小球速度和发球距离设定了新标准,但米克尔森表示,在他那个时代打得太远无济于事。

"At the peak of my career, I didn't have a swing monitor, so we couldn't adjust many things. Many of them depended on feeling, by observing the flight of the ball, and using vision to understand: Oh, too much rotation, the ball is floating. We cannot debug as precisely as we do now," Mickelson said.


   "The players who can reach the speed of 180 mph are now striving to reach 190 mph because of Bryson, and many people have to do that to keep up."

“由于布赖森,能够达到180 mph时速的球员现在正努力达到190 mph时速,许多人都必须这样做以跟上步伐。”

   On the one hand, Mickelson continues to exercise his comfort and the small ball speed that is conducive to his technique. On the other hand, the 44 PGA Tour champions care more about the accuracy of the driver. And this is his problem throughout his life.


"I actually feel that the speed of 182 to 185 mph is the point of diminishing returns. I think once you pass that level, I don’t know if you can really get rewarded for your hard work, because if you enter 190 In the mile/hour area, you actually have no advantage at all," Mickelson explained.

“实际上,我认为182到185 mph的速度是收益递减的关键点。我认为,一旦您超过了该水平,我不知道您是否真的能因为您的辛勤工作而得到回报,因为如果您输入190,英里/小时区域,您实际上根本没有优势。”米克尔森解释说。

   "There are dogleg holes on the court. You will encounter a narrower landing area. Only a few holes in the entire court really help. I feel that the optimal speed for most players is between 182 and 185 mph."


   After winning again against the previous opponent, the American veteran is confident again. Last week, he won the Dominion Energy Charity Classic, thus becoming the third player in the history of the Champions Tour to win the first two races of his career, but he knew he needed to work harder to win on the PGA Tour.


   "I'm very excited to come and compete against young people after just finishing the Champions Tour last week. This is an interesting opportunity for me," he said.


"For me, playing the Championship Tour is really fun. It’s much more fun than I thought. I’m surprised that I can have so much fun. I’ve seen it for many years, but now I’ve not been with them for some years. The players who got together really find it interesting. It seems that I have found a little confidence and I hope to bring it into this event.


"But in the PGA Tour regular season, the penalties for mistakes are a lot more severe. The flagpole position here is a bit more difficult. The distance is not as different as I thought. We also played from the back tee in the Champions Tour. So it’s basically the same distance, but the penalty here is much greater. I have to be more precise."




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