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Tiger Fighting October 8th Real Madrid striker accepted an exclusive interview with Movistar+'s Universo Valdano show

老虎格斗队10月8日,皇家马德里前锋接受了Movistar +的Universo Valdano秀的独家采访

At that time, the place where I lived was the whole world for me. My life was very ordinary. It was playing football with children on the street. That was the first time I started playing football. I learned to play football in this environment. Yes, because under those conditions, there are a lot of people playing football, and there is only one ball, and everyone has to fight for a ball


Our family has 9 brothers and sisters, 4 boys, and 5 girls. What our parents teach us is to respect others. If there are older people present, whether male or female, we must shut up and listen to them. This is respecting authority and elders, and I have always done this myself. Whenever I return to France, I will go home to see my family.


My two brothers also want to be football players, but maybe they have not passed the required test. My family loves to play football, even my mother will play with me. My mother gave me more understanding and tolerance, and my father, can not say the opposite, but he has a lot of requirements of me, because he hopes that I can reach the limit. He always wants me to score goals, because for him, football is scoring goals, but I think I have my own understanding of football.


I started training when I was 8 years old. At that time, I trained 3-4 times a week. Then when I was 14 or 15 years old, I didn't decide whether to become a professional player. At this time, a coach appeared. He had a great influence on me. He said that I have talent, but I also need to work hard. This has a great influence on me. After that, I started to take off and played in the professional league at the age of 17.


I think the players have some talents, some are more and some are less, but I think the final decision is their own efforts or not. When I was in Lyon, I was always focused, and sometimes I might not have the opportunity to play, but I still do my job, because I know "teammates are very good", but I also know that they are not Ronaldo-Nazario , So I worked hard to train, train, and train until someone was injured, my chance came.


I think the sport of football has changed a lot. Of course, forwards have to score goals, but if they do not score, then the problem will come. I think at this time you have to find a way to do more to make you feel more present. Everyone knows Ronaldo. He not only scores goals but is almost omnipotent. To me, he is my role model, just like Qi Zu.


If I didn’t touch the ball much throughout the game but scored a goal, I can’t say that I didn’t do anything, but I think I would like to be able to go home happily. I hope to be satisfied with my performance and hope to show More things, this is not easy, but I believe I can convince everyone.


I think the first thing to clarify is what is No. 9 and what is No. 10. I think I have some. I can quickly get the ball, pass the ball, and run. I am also changing. Everyone understands that I am a modern one. Forwards can participate in the offense and do things that other forwards cannot.


I have watched football since I was young by watching him play. I have always wanted to imitate him, but this is unlikely.


When the chairman came to my house, I was hanging out with my friends. At this time, my family and agent found me and asked me "


My parents were at home at the time. As soon as I opened the door and saw Mr. Chairman sitting at home, I thought "


I knew that Real Madrid was interested in me, but I didn't expect that Mr. Florentino would come to my house in person. Many clubs were interested in me at the time, but then I had no more ideas.


First of all, I was very happy to join Real Madrid, but I felt that I was not mentally ready at the time, and I didn’t know what Real Madrid is, Madrid, the people here, the pressure... When I was in Lyon, I was at home and everyone around me Very familiar, will protect you, will accommodate you.


But in Real Madrid, it is the best club in history, full of great history and players. You walk into the locker room, there are the best players in the world, you can pick any one to play,


, If you can’t adapt to the outside world quickly, then you will feel uncomfortable in your heart. I was 20 years old and it was difficult to live alone in Madrid. To be honest, Lyon and Real Madrid are completely different worlds.


Ronaldo talked a lot with me at that time because he could speak a little French and he told me to find him if I needed anything, but I was a relatively introverted person. When Ronaldo was by my side, I was also changing. I scored goals when I was in Lyon, but I played with Ronaldo in Real Madrid.


I think it wasn't until more than two years after I joined that I started to speak Spanish, because I am quite introverted and Spanish is not easy for me to learn.


Qi Zu and I are on the same front in many things. Our understanding of football is also the same. He and I will discuss some things that seem common on the pitch, but are actually very important. He can solve many problems naturally without yelling and is very sincere. This has given us a lot of help. Everyone will make mistakes, but the key is to find a solution.


I think everyone knows that any player wants to play for the national team. I have some trouble here, and I think I might need to talk to the national team coach, but there has never been any explanation. I think this is the people above. Some things. But the good thing is that I can focus on the club and take a break.


But i think


Never, even when it’s the lowest valley. I’ve always been thinking about how to do better. Sometimes it’s really hard, but in the final game, I hope to prove my worth. This is what I do. Mentality.


I don't know how long I can stay in my current state. I still come season by season. My contract expires in 2022. Let's talk about it then. But if Mr. Chairman comes to me, the door of my house will always be open for him.


In the future, my life may always be related to football, but I think it’s still a bit difficult to be a coach, because I have to arrange a starter. I also explain why the players don’t play and why they play. Maybe it’s good to be a coach, but it’s also very hard. .

将来,我的生活可能总是与足球有关,但我认为当教练的日子仍然有些困难,因为我必须安排一名初学者。我还将解释为什么球员不参加比赛以及为什么他们参加比赛。成为一名教练也许很好,但是这也很困难。 。

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