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Tiger Fighting, October 7 Before Thomas officially transferred from Atletico Madrid to Arsenal, then, Javi Baños, who had coached Thomas in the Atletico youth team, was interviewed by Sky Sports. Banos said that Thomas is a very mature player, and his maturity does not even match his age. Banos also said that Thomas has performed very well both offensively and defensively, and he is ready to succeed in a big club like Arsenal.

10月7日,猛虎搏斗(Tiger Fighting),在托马斯正式从马德里竞技队调任至阿森纳之前,然后,曾在马竞青年队执教过托马斯的哈维·巴尼奥斯接受了天空体育的采访。火狐体育官网下载巴诺斯表示,托马斯是一位非常成熟的球员,他的成熟度甚至与他的年龄不符。巴诺斯还表示,托马斯在进攻和防守方面都表现出色,他准备在像阿森纳这样的大型俱乐部中取得成功。

Banos mentioned: "When I coached Thomas, I quickly discovered that he was a mature young player who was not in line with his age."


"The most important thing is that Thomas' passing ability was very strong at the time. He did a very good job in the last pass. Thomas has a large coverage area on the field. He can execute the tactics that the coach has arranged for him very well. "


Before going to the Atletico Madrid youth training camp, Thomas has been playing for the local team in Ghana. Atletico then went to Ghana to inspect Thomas. Subsequently, Atletico Madrid invited Thomas to join the youth academy, and Thomas directly packed his luggage, without telling his family, he went directly to the Atletico Madrid youth academy. Later, Thomas was awarded a contract for his good performance in the youth academy. In this regard, Banos said: "Back then, there were many outstanding players in the Atletico youth team. Over the years, I have had the privilege of coaching Lucas. -Excellent players like Hernandez and De Gea."


"In fact, Thomas may be the most promising player I have ever coached."


Thomas was noticed by the first team when he played for Atletico U19. When Atletico went to Colombia to participate in the preseason, he was even promoted to the first team. In this regard, Banos said: "Thomas is A very good player, his maturity does not match his age."


"Thomas has always been self-disciplined, and Thomas has always been able to appreciate and respect the people who helped him."


"I can remember now that Thomas shakes hands with the coach after each training session. He will thank the coach. In the locker room, Thomas has always been a very well-behaved boy."


"Thomas has grown step by step in Atletico, and he eventually became a stable starter, and this is the result of Thomas' hard work."


"Of course, I think Thomas still has a lot to learn. He sometimes loses the ball close to his goal, and that will cause trouble for the team's defenders. I think this is something Thomas has improved. local."


"When Thomas was in the youth team, his first pass ability was not very strong, and he was always trying to improve his first pass ability, we gave him a lot of advice."


"Thomas has always wanted to improve. He is a very professional player. I think this is very important for players."


"Thomas enjoys the fun of the game. He has always been self-disciplined. I think these factors have helped Thomas reach his current level."


"Thomas has excellent physical fitness, his endurance is also very strong, he can bear a lot of pressure, and his current ball-holding ability has also been greatly improved, at the same time, Thomas also dared to try more in Shot from outside the penalty area."


"Thomas is now able to score 6-7 goals every season. For a midfielder like him who started off as a defense, this data is already very good."


Thomas was loaned to Almeria by Atletico Madrid. He played 32 games for Almeria that season and scored 4 goals. Although Almeria was relegated that season, Thomas’ performance was left to the outside world. A deep impression. Former Almeria coach Sergi Barjuan said: “Thomas is a young player with a strong ability to read the game, and I had him acted as an attacking midfielder, midfielder or even midfielder. The position of the guard."

托马斯被马德里竞技队借给了阿尔梅里亚。那个赛季他为阿尔梅里亚队出战32场比赛,打进4球。尽管阿尔梅里亚在那个赛季被降级,但托马斯的表现却留给了外界。深刻的印象。前阿尔梅里雅教练塞尔吉·巴尔琼(Sergi Barjuan)说:“托马斯是一位年轻球员,具有很强的阅读能力,我让他担任进攻型中场,中场甚至中场。后卫的位置。”

"Thomas is different from other young players. Many young players want to give up after encountering difficulties, but Thomas wants to prove his ability after encountering difficulties."


"I think Thomas is more than just a defensive midfielder. He has made great progress in recent years, and he has the courage to advance and take risks on the court."


Banos said: "Thomas has many people around him who care about him, such as his agent. Thomas' agent has always provided great advice."


"Thomas is also a player who knows how to wait for opportunities. He knows that some players are ahead of him. Thomas has always taken the game seriously. Most importantly, he is a team player."


Atletico coach Simeone also praised Thomas before, and after Rodri left Atletico to join Manchester City, Thomas also assumed greater responsibility in the Atletico team, whether it is on the offensive end or on the defensive end, Thomas must do Things have become more. Banos said: "I think the place where Thomas has improved the most in recent years is his last pass."


"Thomas is now not only a defensive midfielder, his offensive ability and shooting skills have been greatly improved."


"In general, Thomas is a young man who does everything well."


Atletico defender Trippier also praised Thomas in an interview before. Trippier said at the time: "Before I joined Atletico, I didn't realize what a good player Thomas is."


"His physical fitness is really great. Thomas' performance in the game is incredible. I think if Thomas goes to the Premier League, he will be able to adapt to the rhythm of the Premier League."


Banos also talked about Thomas joining Arsenal, he said: "I have always said that Thomas is very suitable for the Bundesliga or the Premier League, and his style of play can perfectly fit the Bundesliga and the Premier League."


"I think Thomas can succeed in a big club like Arsenal. He has such an ability."


Banos also mentioned that Thomas is a player with leadership skills. Thomas used to help young players in Ghana. Banos said: "Thomas has always been helping young players in Ghana."


"He gave those young players a chance, and those players had the opportunity to come to Spain from Ghana, just like Thomas did."


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