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There are roughly two types of winners and losses for masters. One is the kind of Zhang Wuji who defeated the Six Martial Arts in Guangmingding. When Nine Sun Magic Art and Qiankun Moved on the sixth floor, no one dared to ask for advice. Pressure. The other is that when Li Xunhuan meets Shangguan Jinhong, you come and go between the two parties, and finally Li Xunhuan is fatal. In this national derby, although the score is easy, it is very difficult for Real Madrid to break the dragon and phoenix ring of Barcelona.




In the first 10 minutes after the opening, both sides scored a goal, and both let the other side hang the dots and broke the picture, but it was far from lethal. Real Madrid's goal is not considered Zidane's conventional weapon. Benzema likes to be the king in various places in the frontcourt, but he cruises to the center line to get the ball. And Benzema did not play the cards according to the routine, Barcelona's defense immediately responded, and also made a fool of...




Butzkerz watched the whole journey. After being pulled out of the defensive area, Pique couldn't keep up with Benzema's rhythm. Like Haruki Murakami, who was selected for the Nobel Prize in Literature, he could only accompany the entire run, while Langley was in Valverde Always hesitating with Asensio, Valverde seized the single-handed opportunity. This way of letting the big center retreat to fill the current waist and launch an offense, well, I don't believe it anyway to say that Zidane did not watch Tottenham.

Butzkerz观看了整个旅程。在被赶出防守区之后,皮克无法跟上本泽马的节奏。就像入选诺贝尔文学奖的村上春树(Haruki Murakami)一样,他只能陪伴整个活动,而兰利(Langley)在Valverde时总是对Asensio犹豫,Valverde抓住了单手的机会。这样,让大中锋退缩以填补当前的腰部并发动进攻,好吧,我不相信说齐达内没有看热刺。



Barcelona's goals did not take the usual path. Messi and Alba's connections were mostly short passes, but this time the back door of Real Madrid's right defense was a long pass that almost spanned the entire half. Real Madrid’s short and sturdy defense was obviously not prepared for this giant invasion. When Alba was almost on the bottom line, Varane’s defense was late, and Fati, who took the triangle pass, almost Facing a half empty door.




So, you see, Real Madrid and Barcelona didn’t pull out their killers after the opening, just like before the peak showdown, both sides have to play a few tricks to explore the reality of their opponents, and Valverde and Fati are running rampant. The teenager is a good cover. Since then, the false moves of the two sides have been useless. Even if Benzema retreats further, he can no longer move Barcelona's central defender away from the mountain. Real Madrid blocked the omission of the right defense in order to eliminate future troubles. , Zidane even replaced Nacho with a yellow card before the end of the half. The masters played against each other and couldn't afford the same loss twice.

因此,您看到,皇马和巴塞罗那在开幕后并没有拔出杀手ers,就像在巅峰对决之前一样,双方都必须采取一些技巧来探索对手的现实,而瓦尔韦德和法蒂则猖ramp 。这位少年是个好掩护。从那时起,双方的错误举动就毫无用处。即使本泽马进火狐体育官网下载一步撤退,他也无法再将巴塞罗那的中后卫从山上移开。皇家马德里阻止了正确防守的遗漏,以消除未来的麻烦。 ,齐达内甚至在半场结束前用一张黄火狐体育app官方牌取代了纳乔。大师们互相对抗,两次承受相同的损失。



In the subsequent game, the two sides began to dig out their fate. Barcelona always wanted to play some tricks at the front of Real Madrid's penalty area, and Real Madrid was full of quick counterattacks. In the 23rd minute, Real Madrid and Barcelona made the best offensive and defensive conversions of the game. After Fati received a pass from Coutinho on the left, he immediately moved to Messi on the weak side of the defense, and Messi dunked. Shot after Ramos, but Courtois refused. This is the core routine of Barcelona's offense, oppressing the opponent's defense in the third zone, and tearing out the offensive space through transmission. As long as there is a certain amount of space, Messi and Fati have enough talent to make tricks.




And Real Madrid’s “Answer Ball” immediately screamed, Vinicius went directly to the top ball and simply and roughly bypassed all Barcelona midfield forcing, accurately found the forward cross, the German did not wait for the ball to hit it. Benzema outflanked the center, but Neto also waved his finger on Benzema's shot. This is the attack mode that Zidane badly needs. Real Madrid's offense this season is bitter, the midfield organization is chaotic, and the ultimate quick counterattack is not high, but it does quench thirst and relieve the itch.

皇马的“ Answer Ball”立刻大叫,Vinicius直接冲向最高球,简单粗略地绕过了巴塞罗那中场所有的逼迫,准确地找到了前传,德国人没有等到球被击中。本泽马超越了中锋,但内托也对本泽马的射门挥了挥手指。这是齐达内急需的攻击方式。皇家马德里本赛季的进攻十分苦涩,中场组织混乱,最终的快速反击并不高,但确实能解渴,减轻瘙痒。



However, in this national derby, there were few confrontations in the subsequent time. The reason was that both sides stubbornly protected their seven inches, leaving the other side with nowhere to start. As long as the Barcelona players look up at the front of the penalty area, Real Madrid’s defensive team will immediately become nervous, chasing and blocking their passing routes. Except for 53 minutes, Fati rarely found Coutinho on the other side, Barcelona’s This offensive system has never been to Real Madrid anymore. Real Madrid is even more aggrieved. Because of the number advantage brought by the Barcelona midfielder, Real Madrid’s quick counterattack was beaten back to the mother’s womb. In many cases, it can only be enjoyed from the side, but it is a threat to Barcelona’s goal , Is a big bargain at a price cut.




After you come and me, Real Madrid and Barcelona’s offensive capabilities have been forced to the point where no one can beat the other in their moves. They can only rely on their internal strength to determine the victory. Barcelona’s side Naturally, it was Messi's dribbling breakthrough to find opportunities, while Real Madrid's position was unbearable, and the counterattack was hitting the wall everywhere, so he had to rely on free kicks for luck.




The most threatening point of Real Madrid's free kick is Ramos, so this national derby fights to the end and it becomes a secretly contested game between Messi and Ramos. But since Messi’s first shot was in Courtois’s arms, he lost his excitement. In the subsequent games he lost his shot, and his breakthrough was often robbed in the middle of the game. Only succeeded 3 times, and had the highest 6 losses in the game... With Messi's data, Barcelona's chances of winning are naturally not high.




Ramos was not in the best form. Real Madrid's first goal was because he failed to keep up with Fati, and then he was completely overtaken by Messi, but he was still in 63 minutes. At that time, I used the opportunity of a free kick to help Real Madrid get the overtaken penalty. Although the action was exaggerated, the desire to compete for every goal did not diminish because of his poor performance in front. This is probably Rameau. In this game, is the biggest reason for the victory.




This penalty was a turning point for the audience. The Barcelona midfielder had to put more of his mind on the offense. In addition, Koeman put on a group of attackers to try his luck. Naturally, the circle of counterattack against Real Madrid could only be second. Fully charged, if it weren't for Real Madrid's attacking group to waste extravagance, and catch up with Neto's six-arm Nezha possession, then Barcelona would have lost more than 3 goals.




Ramos and Messi's desire to win is the epitome of the entire team. The reason why Xiao Li Fei Dao, ranked third in the weapon spectrum, can surpass the Dragon and Phoenix Ring, ranked second, is because Li Xunhuan firmly believes that Shangguan Jin Hong can't catch his flying knife. In the world of martial arts, the final fight is the state of mind, while in the football world, the last fight is the state of mind!


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