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Reported by Wang Xiaorui, All Media Reporter of Sports Weekly


On October 8, with the Russian Premier’s Golden Boot Azmun’s strong long-range shot and the Portuguese Premier’s Golden Boot Taremi’s penalty kick, the Iranian team made a good start to the coaching change and beat Uzbekistan 2-1 as a guest in Tashkent. However, in the view of new coach Skocic, the team won this game is not easy, "We have not reached the most ideal competitive state."

10月8日,在俄罗斯总理阿兹蒙(Golden Boot Azmun)的强力远射和葡萄牙总理塔雷米(Golden Boot Taremi)的点球大战中,伊朗队为教练换人开了个好头,并在塔什干以客串2-1击败乌兹别克斯坦。但是,在新教练斯科西奇看来,球队赢得这场比赛并不容易,“我们还没有达到最理想的竞争状态”。

This is indeed the case. Before Azmon opened the scoring in the 43rd minute, Uzbekistan gradually suppressed Iran on the scene. Skosic had a 442 formation in the first half, but many people were playing new positions. "I have almost no opportunity to prepare for the team's tactics." According to Skosic, before arriving in Tashkent, the Iranian team only had a relatively complete training session and a tactical preparation meeting. Skocic wanted to bring some changes to the team, he offered a double striker formation, so that the two European league golden boots Azmon and Taremi coexist. On the defense line, several new faces were also used, such as Khalizadeh, who just led Persepolis to the AFC finals, and Mohalami from Dinamo Zagreb.

确实是这样。在第43分钟阿兹蒙打开进球之前,乌兹别克斯坦逐渐压制了伊朗。 Skosic在上半场有442阵型,但很多人都在担任新职位。 “我几乎没有机会为球队的战术做准备。”据斯科西奇说,在到达塔什干之前,伊朗小组只进行了一次相对完整的培训和一次战术准备会议。斯科西奇想给球队带来一些变化,他提供了双前锋的组成,以便两个欧洲联赛的金靴阿兹蒙和塔雷米共存。在防守线上,还使用了一些新面孔,例如刚刚带领波斯波利斯进入亚足联决赛的哈利扎德和来自萨格勒布迪纳摩的莫哈拉米。

At least from the first half, although the Iranian team led 1-0, but only 37% of the ball possession rate, the number of attacks in the 30-meter area also trailed 21-33. It can be described as losing the process and winning the result. "The team tried two different formations in the first half and the second half. In the first half, I felt that both teams had problems. In order to find a solution, we tried to change the tactical system and used the 4231 formation in the second half and strive for improvement." Yi Bian Only 5 minutes into the game, Taremi took a penalty kick to expand the lead, but after 3 minutes, Somurodov turned and volleyed to get a goal back. In the last 25 minutes, Skocic frequently changed players. His intention to investigate was very obvious. "I am satisfied with the performance of the six substitute players. In this victory, I added many young players to the team. I believe They will bring good vitality to the Iranian team."

至少从上半年开始,尽管伊朗队以1-0领先,但持球率仅为37%,在30米区域的进攻次数也落后于21-33。可以说是失败的过程,而赢得了结果。 “该团队在上半年和下半年尝试了两种不同的编队。在上半年,我觉得两个团队都有问题。为了找到解决方案,我们尝试更改战术系统,并在战场上使用了4231编队。下半年,争取进步。”易边比赛开始仅5分钟,塔雷米(Taremi)罚点球扩大领先优势,但3分钟后,索莫罗多夫转身并抽空射门得分。在最后25分钟内,斯科西奇频繁更换球员。他的调查意图非常明显。 “我对六名替补球员的表现感到满意。在这次胜利中,我为球队增加了许多年轻球员。我相信他们将为伊朗队带来良好的活力。”

In this training camp, the Iranian team did not gather the strongest lineup. Several of the main players in the last world preliminaries, such as goalkeeper Benawand, right-back Risayan, midfielder Ezatolahi, forward Jahanbakhsh, and center Ansarifad were not selected. Originally Skosic was on the list and wanted to recruit Ibrahimi and Torabi, but due to various circumstances, neither of them participated in this training camp. But when the situation is not dominant, the Iranian team's fierce counterattack after stealing is still a threat. For example, the first goal scored by Azmon was a simple pass between him and the Belgian League player Gauli Zadher, creating a murderous opportunity. At a critical moment in the game, Azmon and Taremi's personal abilities are still quite outstanding.

在这个训练营中,伊朗队没有聚集最强大的阵容。上届世界预赛的一些主要球员,例如门将Benawand,右后卫Risayan,中场球员Ezatolahi,前锋Jahanbakhsh和中锋Ansarifad都没有被选中。最初,斯科西奇(Skosic)曾入选该名单,并想招募易卜拉希米(Ibrahimi)和图拉比(Torabi),但由于各种情况,他们俩都没有参加此训练营。但是当局势不占优势时,伊朗队在偷球后的猛烈反击仍然是威胁。例如,阿兹蒙打进的第一个进球就是他与比利时联赛球员高卢·扎德赫(Gauli Zadher)之间的简单传球,创造了谋杀机会。在游戏的关键时刻,阿兹蒙和塔雷米的个人能力仍然非常出色。

Skosi was also full of praise for them. "We understand the abilities and performance of these two strikers. Of course, when it comes to Azmun, he is playing for one of the best teams in Europe." He also revealed. Before this training camp, he had received inquiries from Italy, for which he said a lot of good things to Azmon.

斯科斯科也对他们赞不绝口。 “我们了解这两位前锋的能力和表现火狐体育app官方。当然,谈到阿兹蒙,他正在为欧洲最好的球队之一效力。”他还透露。在这次训练营之前,他已经收到来自意大利的询问,他向阿兹蒙说了很多好话。

Interestingly, this is the third time Skosic has led his team to Uzbekistan as a head coach. The result has been unbeaten so far. "I have never lost a game here. I think I should be able to laugh today." After the end of the battle, the Iranian team will move to Antalya, Turkey. Next Tuesday (13th), they will have a warm-up with the Mali team.

有趣的是,这是斯科西奇第三次率队带领乌兹别克斯坦担任主教练。到目前为止,结果没有被打败。 “我从未在这里输过一场比赛。我认为我今天应该可以笑。”战斗结束后,伊朗小组将前往土耳其安塔利亚。下周二(13日),他们将与马里队进行热身赛。

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