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After determining that the Super League will adopt a tournament system this season and the second-stage knockout system, the Football Association said to the outside that neither the schedule nor the competition system is perfect. In the knockout system, the teams entering the championship group have the hope of hitting the championship, and the strength of the top three in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou did not perform well in the two rounds of the same round, and the fate of the entire season will be frozen. For the relegation team, 3 opportunities are in front of you, the sooner Kishi is more at ease.


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Although among the eight teams in the championship group, China and Chongqing are considered to be the two weakest teams in terms of overall strength, and in the first round facing Evergrande and Suning Tesco, it is unlikely to pass. However, neither Evergrande nor Suning Tesco were 100% sure to win their opponents and advance to the semi-finals. The fate was determined by two games, and there was a certain upset. When the second stage was determined to be a knockout system, the unpopular "gene" has been finalized from that moment.


Cup competitions in various countries have always been a hotbed of upset. The Chinese Super League’s competition system has evolved into a cup competition system, and it is necessary to accept the cold situation in the second stage.


The opponents in the first round of the game did not meet in the first stage, in other words, they were fighting encounters. Chongqing and China are the most "destroyed" teams in the first round, but Evergrande faces China and will inevitably not be dragged down the abyss if it is taken lightly. Moreover, for Chongqing and China, entering the championship group means an early relegation success. Even if the second stage of the event has a 6-game losing streak, the worst ranking is 8th. The mentality of these two teams is definitely to play lightly. , There is no pressure at all.

游戏第一轮的对手没有在第一阶段相遇,换句话说,他们是战斗中的相遇。重庆和中国是第一轮中最“被破坏”的球队,但恒大面对中国,如果放任自流,将不可避免地被拖入深渊。而且,对于重庆和中国来说,进入冠军组意味着降级的成功。即使比赛的第二阶段有6连败,最差的排名还是第8。这两支球队的心态绝对是轻轻松松。 ,根本没有压力。

The most fearful thing in a football game is to play without pressure. Such a team either "sends the opponent to pass" without desire or desires, or is out of horror. Evergrande faced China with such an experience. After winning the championship early in the 2017 season, Evergrande gave China and Quan Jian (the disbanded Tianhai) 2 victories in succession, but now China has no pressure. As one of the only two local marshals in the championship group, Xie Feng also wanted to give Cannavaro some "color".


Huaxia and Chongqing played lightly, but for teams that have aspirations in the championship group, there is no room for relaxation in the remaining 6 games of the season. If they want to compete for the championship, they must be in their best form in all 6 games. Of course, including the impact of the AFC qualification team.


Knockouts mean that accidents happen, and a team will inevitably not have ups and downs during the entire season. In the 2019 season, Guoan started with 10 consecutive victories and became the half-time champion. In the end, the title was lost. It was not unrelated to the ups and downs in the mid-season. The consecutive losses to Suning Tesco and Jianye became the key node of the Yulinjun collapse. And the reason why Evergrande came from behind to win the Super League championship for the 8th time, the 13-game winning streak in the middle and late seasons was extremely critical, filling in the holes previously dug.


Stronger than Evergrande, Guoan, and another major champion, SIPG, will have ups and downs in their status. If it is a regular 30-round competition, the occasional state ups and downs at one stage will not affect the final championship. However, in the three-round two-round competition system, as long as two consecutive games or even one game play abnormally, it is likely to ruin the team's prospects for the entire season.


Although Evergrande, Shanghai SIPG and Guoan are considered to be the three hottest champions, the cooperation and running-in of the entire team is of vital importance in order to always maintain the best condition. In the first stage of Evergrande’s first stage, before securing the place in the championship group, there was a short downturn in 4 rounds of only 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss; SIPG faced Huang Hai, Zall and Yongchang in the first round of the first stage. At that time, they all faced a backward situation, and finally reversed to win one game, and the other two games ended in a tie.

尽管恒大,上海SIPG和国安被认为是最热门的三项冠军,但整个团队的合作和磨合对于始终保持最佳状态至关重要。在恒大第一阶段的第一阶段,在获得总冠军之前,短短的四轮比赛就出现了下滑,只有2胜1平1负。 SIPG在第一阶段的第一轮中面对黄海,扎尔和永昌。当时,他们都面临着落后的局面,最终扭转了局面,赢得了一场比赛,而另外两场比赛以平局结束。

The state of Guoan's first stage fluctuates more and more, and there have even been 5 rounds with only 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss. This state appears in the second stage. Not to mention the impact of the championship, whether it can keep the AFC qualification will be another matter. Other things. Although the competition in the championship group is still hard power, the invisible and intangible factor of luck is also extremely important. How to adjust the team to the best state of the game will test Cannavaro and Pereira. , Genesio, and coaches such as Olaroiu, Hao Wei and Cui Kangxi.

国安队第一阶段的状态波动越来越大,甚至有5局只有1胜3平1负。此状态出现在第二阶段。更不用说冠军的影响了,能否保持亚足联资格将是另一回事。其他事情。尽管冠军组的比赛仍然是硬实力,但幸运的无形和无形因素也极为重要。如何将球队调整到最佳状态将测试卡纳瓦罗和佩雷拉。 ,Genesio和Olaroiu,郝炜和崔康熙等教练。

Among the 8 teams in the relegation group, apart from the strong and strong deep foot that continues to stay in the Dalian Division, it is not surprising that the remaining 7 teams are fighting for relegation. Only 1.5 places for relegation means that the team ranked 16th will go straight to the first place, and the 15th team will have the opportunity to play in the relegation playoffs.


There is no absolute strong team in the relegation group. Even if the strongest on paper faces TEDA, the Jinmen Tigers have absolutely rich relegation experience, and in order to stay in the Super League, TEDA is the team with the largest change in foreign aid, Lima , Ahmedov has been running in with the team for many days, and Suarez is the biggest "bet" TEDA has introduced for relegation. Dalian people vs. Yongchang, Jianye vs. Zall, and Huanghai against R&F, no team is absolutely sure that they can pass the first round, making the last four games of the season a tasteless match.


Compared with the championship team that needs all 6 games in the second stage to be in the best condition, the relegation team only needs to play 1-2 games if they want to go ashore, forming two extreme situations. .

与第二阶段需要全部6场比赛处于最佳状态的冠军球队相比,保级队如果想上岸,只需要打1-2场比赛,就形成了两种极端情况。 。

The Football Association has long been a "vaccination shot", and it cannot be perfect this season. Retaining the promotion and relegation system means that some teams become "lucky" and some teams become "unlucky."


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