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This is an uncle who made countless people respect: The 75-year-old Bahadar played 90 minutes in a third-level Egyptian league and scored his only goal through a penalty kick. The opponent was tied 1-1. Please note that this is not a wild game we usually play after get off work and school, but a game


Everyone may also be interested in the name of the club where the uncle belongs. Why is it named with a date on October 6th? In fact, this day is very important to the Egyptians, which involves a history of 45 years ago. On October 6, 1973, Egypt and Syria simultaneously attacked the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights occupied by Israel six years ago. The curtain of the Fourth Middle East War was thus opened. The importance of this war to the Arab region is to end their previous successive failures against Israel. Classmates who are familiar with history know that in the previous three Middle East wars, more than a dozen Arab countries united and froze that they did not fight Israel. Instead, they were taken up by people and took up a lot of territory. The beginning of this war gave Israel a disarm. Greatly inspired the fighting spirit of Arab countries, so October 6th became Egypt’s Army Day. Many schools, streets and even cities and provinces in Egypt are named after this date. It is not enough for a small club to use this name. Surprising.

每个人都可能会对叔叔所属俱乐部的名称感兴趣。为什么用10月6日的日期命名?实际上,这一天对埃及人而言非常重要,这涉及45年前的历史。 1973年10月6日,埃及和叙利亚同时袭击了六年前被以色列占领的西奈半岛和戈兰高地。第四次中东战争的帷幕由此拉开了。这场战争对阿拉伯地火狐体育app官方区的重要性是结束他们先前对以色列的连续失败。熟悉历史的同学知道,在前三场中东战争中,十几个阿拉伯国家团结并冻结了他们没有与以色列作战。取而代之的是,它们被人们占据,并占据了很多领土。战争的开始使以色列解除了武装。极大地激发了阿拉伯国家的战斗精神,因此10月6日成为埃及的建军节。在此日期之后,埃及的许多学校,街道甚至城市和省份都被命名。一个小俱乐部使用这个名字是不够的。奇怪。

Having said that, let us talk in detail about some things about this fourth Middle East war. After the dismissal, the Arab countries did not achieve a complete victory, and the two sides ended in a tie. There are many reasons for this. Compared with the previous few times, the Arabs have actually done a lot better. The then Egyptian President Sadat united all Arab countries and tried to get many Western countries to fight in this war. Remain neutral or even provide weapons. The two major powers of the United States and the Soviet Union have always interfered in the Middle East and North Africa. But today is different. The turbulent nationalist movement has already let them lose their prestige in this unfamiliar land. Egypt only requested weapon assistance from the Soviet Union. The relationship has changed from the previous dependency relationship to an equal cooperative relationship. Before launching the offensive, Egypt carried out many military exercises, which led to Israel's misjudgment, and carefully chose the Jewish holiday "Yompiday" to launch the war. At that time, Israel's defense was the most empty, and it was caught off guard. But soon, with the arrival of US aid and the emergence of tactical loopholes in the Arab army, Israel stabilized its position and even began to attack Egypt and Syria, which forced the two countries to seek peace.

话虽如此,让我们详细谈论有关第四次中东战争的一些事情。被解火狐体育app官方雇后,阿拉伯国家没有取得完全的胜利,双方结成并列。这件事情是由很多原因导致的。与前几次相比,阿拉伯人实际上做得好得多。当时的埃及总统萨达特(Sadat)团结了所有阿拉伯国家,并试图促使许多西方国家参加这场战争。保持中立,甚至提供武器。美国和苏联的两个大国一直干涉中东和北非。但是今天不一样了。动荡的民族主义运动已经使他们在这片陌生的土地上失去了声望。埃及只要求苏联提供武器援助。该关系已从先前的依赖关系变为平等的合作关系。在发动进攻之前,埃及进行了多次军事演习,导致以色列的判断失误,并精心选择了犹太节日“ Yompiday”来发动战争。当时,以色列的防御是最空虚的,因此措手不及。但是很快,随着美国援助的到来以及阿拉伯军队中战术漏洞的出现,以色列稳定了自己的阵地,甚至开始进攻埃及和叙利亚,这迫使两国寻求和平。

The final outcome of the war was mixed: the Egyptians realized that they could not defeat Israel militarily, so under the mediation of the United States, Sadat visited Israel in 1977 and became the first Arab leader to visit Israel. The two countries signed in 1979 In the "Camp David Agreement", Egypt regained the Sinai Peninsula, and Israel gained long-term peace and friendship with Egypt. However, this behavior was spurned by other Arab countries. Egypt fell from the “leader of Arab countries” to the point where it was expelled from the League of Arab States; and because the United States provided arms to Israel, many Arab countries represented by Saudi Arabia The country announced an oil embargo on the United States and other countries that support Israel, which led to an oil crisis, a major event in the world, and sometimes the results are somewhat dramatic. When you think of recent events, everyone should feel it too. Right.


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