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In the first stage of the Super League this season, our soil whistle left a "deep" impression on everyone. This article will review the performance of our Chinese referees in the entire first stage from the two aspects of law enforcement data and dispute judgment analysis.


A total of 19 referees participated in the enforcement work in the Dalian Division, including three international referees Fu Ming, Wang Jing and Gu Chunhan. Among them, 12 referees got the chance to enforce the Super League. Although there are 19 people in total, all referees are part-time (except for the three professional referees), and they all have their own jobs. It is difficult for many referees to take a two-month long vacation, or they have a law enforcement task in the Division 1 and cannot be closed in the competition area. All rounds of competition are enforced.


In fact, the tasks of the referees during the whole stage are quite compact. Because referees are responsible for referees, four officials, VARs and AVARs, there are 4 games per round in each division. Often referees need to enforce two consecutive matches in the same round. It can be seen that Xing Qi, who has enforced all games from 1-14, got a total of 18 assignments, and Wang Zhe, who held the most outposts, has also served as VAR 8 times in addition to 8 referees. Fu Ming, Wang Jing, and Wang Di and Ai Kun each held the whistle for 7 games, averaging one every other round.

实际上,裁判员在整个阶段的任务非常紧凑。由于裁判负责裁判,四名官员,VAR和AVAR,因此每个分区每轮有4场比赛。通常,裁判员需要在同一回合中进行两次连续比赛。可以看出,从1-14开始执行所有比赛的邢奇总共获得了18项任务,而拥有最多前哨位置的王哲除8位裁判员外还担任了VAR 8次。付明,王静,王迪和艾坤分别举行了7场比赛的哨声,每场比赛平均一次。

In the Dalian Division, in addition to the eight referees who held the whistle in the Super League last season, Guo Baolong, Xing Qi, Lin Jun and Tang Shunqi were also appointed as the referees. Among them, Xing Qi and Tang Shunqi both held the whistle for the first time in the Super League. They all showed good performance in the show.


A total of 20 referees in the Suzhou Division participated in the law enforcement, including 4 international referees including Ma Ning. Although 3 of our 4 AFC elite referees are in the Suzhou Division, there are not many referees trusted and given opportunities by the Football Association. The main referees are Ma Ning, Shen Yinhao, Shi Zhenlu, Zhang Lei, Li Haixinhe Jin Jingyuan bears these six. In the 14 rounds, Ma Ning did not serve as referee in only 2 rounds. He also served as a fourth official and 5 VARs. Shen Yinhao also completed 9 Super League and 1 FA Cup without missing two rounds. The enforcement of law shows that the task is huge.


There were also referees in the Suzhou Division who completed the first stage of the Chinese Super League law enforcement debut, including Huang Yi, Liang Caiwei and Liu Wei, but they only served as referees for 1 game. Zhang Long and Chen Gang, who have previous law enforcement experience in the Chinese Super League, also acted separately. A game.


In the first stage, there were 460 yellow cards and 25 red cards in the Super League, with an average of 4.11 yellow cards per game, which is a slight increase from last season's average of 3.71 yellow cards. Among them, the Dalian Division has a total of 236 yellows and 11 reds, averaging 4.21 yellow cards; the Suzhou Division has a total of 224 yellows and 14 reds, averaging 4 yellow cards.


Among all referees with three or more enforcement games, Zhang Lei has the highest average number of red and yellow cards per game. He has shown 44 yellow cards and 5 red cards in 8 Super League games, and averaged 5.5 yellow cards per game. The average number of red cards per game is also 0.625. In the first stage, the referee who disliked yellow cards the most was Guo Baolong, who showed 9 yellow cards in 3 games, averaging only 3 yellow cards per game.


A total of 13 assistant referees participated in the law enforcement in the Dalian Division, and only 6 of them enforced all rounds. Among them, Ma Ji, Zhang Cheng and Wu Huifeng were full attendance for 14 rounds. Xi Fei and Deng Bo also enforced the law in 14 rounds. Games, and Li Xingfeng is mainly AVAR, only played 4 times as a linesman. Due to the shortage of linesmen, Yang Yang even had two matches in the same round in the first half.


There are also 13 assistant referees participating in the law enforcement in the Suzhou Division, 6 of which run through the entire first stage. These model workers include 5 international-level assistant referees including Cao Yi and Mark Xi from the People's Liberation Army Football Association. The task of the assistant referee in the Suzhou Division is equally arduous. Cao Yi and Song Xiangyun both achieved 14 rounds of full attendance, while Hu Chengjun played two games in just half a day, which put a strong test on physical reserves.


In terms of the frequency of matching between referees and assistant referees, only the combination of Wang Di + Zhang Cheng, Deng Bo and Fu Ming + Ma Ji in the Dalian Division is relatively fixed. When other referees act as referees, they take turns to team up with the assistants. . In the Suzhou Division, Ma Ning and Shi Xiang and Wang Dexin, Zhang Lei and Song Xiangyun, Shen Yinhao and Zhou Fei, and Shi Zhenlu and Cao Yi often appeared on the court. Although the referees and assistant referees are not able to continue to match the commonly used combinations in some international competitions due to different competition zones and enforcement rounds, at least such fixed combinations in the competition zone will also affect the referee members to a certain extent. The cooperation between them plays a positive role.

从裁判员和助理裁判员的匹配频率来看,只有大连分区的王迪+张成,邓波和付明+马吉的组合是相对固定的。当其他裁判担任裁判时,他们轮流与助手组队。 。在苏州分部,马宁,石翔和王德新,张磊和宋向云,沉银浩和周飞,石振禄和曹怡经常出庭。尽管由于不同的比赛区域和执法回合,裁判员和助理裁判员无法继续匹配某些国际比赛中的常用组合,但至少在比赛区中这种固定组合也会在一定程度上影响裁判员。他们之间的合作发挥了积极作用。

Looking back at the entire first stage, the fans discussed the most controversial penalties. From the perspective of an amateur certified referee, this editor uses rules to classify and interpret some precedents. (Note: The following replays are only for penalties and have nothing to do with whether any team benefits or not. I hope that fans will discuss rationally in the comment area and do not start a group)

回顾整个第一阶段,球迷们讨论了最具争议的处罚。从一名业余认证裁判员的角度来看,该编辑器使用规则对一些先例进行分类和解释。 (注意:以下重播仅用于处罚,与球队是否受益无关。我希望支持者在评论区进行理性讨论,而不是开始讨论。)

Although the handball rules seem to be more complicated since the 19/20 season refinement, the various situations listed in the rules are more detailed. If the opponent's ball penalty is puzzled, you can directly refer to the following table and rule translation.


The first is the most obvious handball foul——


The following situations are not foul in any case:




It can be seen from the above cases that most referees in the Super League have a thorough understanding of the handball rules and can reasonably implement the handball rules. However, it is undeniable that there are still some confusing handball penalties. The specific penalties are as follows (the first three cases did not award free handball fouls):


The rules clearly stipulate the penalties for such fouls. However, due to the large-scale reports of the "red dot package cancellation" in the previous two years by some media, many fans have misunderstood and repeatedly refuted rumors but still insisted that "the red dot package is no longer available." The voice of "existence" appeared. The simple rules can be summarized into the following four situations:

规则明确规定了此类犯规的处罚。但是,由于前两年有媒体大规模报道取消“红点包”,许多粉丝误解并一再反驳谣言,但仍坚持“不再提供红点包”。 “存在”的声音出现了。简单的规则可以归纳为以下四种情况:









In the third round of the match between Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang and Shanghai SIPG, Qingdao's foreign aid Alexandrini received the ball in the penalty area and directly faced Yan Junling. He was knocked down by SIPG No. 13 Wei Zhen from the rear and was on duty. Zhang Lei awarded a penalty kick and sent off Wei Zhen's red card. Many people may not be able to understand that Wei Zhen's foul action was not particularly fierce, nor did it threaten Alessandrin's safety, and a penalty has already been awarded, so why go straight? ——Because Wei Zhen’s foul ruined an obvious scoring opportunity for Qingdao team, and this foul was knocking down the opponent from the side and behind, it belonged to the "rushing" DOGSO, so the "red dot package" was awarded.

在青岛黄海青港队和上海SIPG队的第三轮比赛中,青岛的外援Alexandrini在禁区内接球,直接面对严俊玲。他被后方的SIPG 13号魏震击倒并当值。张磊判罚点球并送出魏震的红牌。许多人可能无法理解,魏震的犯规行为不是特别凶猛,也没有威胁到亚历山德林的安全,而且已经判处了刑罚,那么为什么要直截了当? -因为魏震的犯规破坏了青岛队一个明显的得分机会,而且这种犯规从侧面和后面击倒了对手,这属于“抢手” DOGSO,因此获得了“红点奖”。

While the following three times involve DOGSO’s penalties, the main point of contention is whether the foul in the case undermined the obvious scoring opportunity. According to the rules, to determine whether it is DOGSO, the following four points need to be considered:


Let’s first look at the first red card of the season. In the first round of the match between Hebei China Fortune and Shijiazhuang Yongchang, China Fortune’s player Ding Haifeng brought Oscar down outside the penalty area. The referee Zhang Lei first showed the yellow card, and then VAR intervened and Zhang Ray went to the sidelines to look back and changed to a red card. Before Ding Haifeng fouled, although Oscar’s last trip was a bit big, the direction of the ball was towards the goal, and there were no other defensive players except Ding Haifeng. Although there was one person who chased the ball with all his strength, he still had some distance from the ball. If he succeeds in overtaking outside, he will face the goalkeeper directly, and there is no problem in classifying the foul as DOGSO.


This happened again in the second round of the match between Dalian and Jianye: In the 85th minute, Ivo broke into the penalty area and was pulled down by Dalian foreign aid Danielson. The referee Ai Kun originally sentenced no foul and gave the Dalian team a goal kick. , But after VAR intervened and he went to the sidelines to look back in person, he decided to issue a penalty kick and send Danielson off. But the difference between this case and the previous one is that after Ivo’s last step, the ball has come to the corner of the small penalty area, and the shooting angle is small. Danielson does have an action on his hand, but this foul is deemed to be "destroyed." Obvious scoring opportunities" seem to be a bit reluctant.

这在大连与建业之间的第二轮比赛中再次发生:在第85分钟,伊沃闯入禁区,被大连外援丹尼尔森推倒。裁判员艾昆最初没有犯规,并给了大连队一个进球。 ,但是在VAR介入之后,他到场上亲自回望,他决定发出点球并将丹尼尔森送出。但是这种情况与上一个情况的区别在于,在Ivo的最后一步之后,球已经到达了较小罚球区的角,并且投篮角度很小。丹尼尔森(Danielson)手上确实有动作,但这种犯规被视为“被破坏”。明显的得分机会”似乎有点勉强。

There was also a DOGSO foul in the final round of the game yesterday. In the 14th minute of the match between Chongqing and SIPG, Zhang Wei brought down Feng Jin, who was about to become a single-handed man, and the referee Li Haixin changed his red card + direct free kick after watching the replay. Although the ball moved sideways and forwards before the collision between the two of them, instead of facing the goal, Feng Jin almost got stuck in his position and was about to gain control of the ball. Zhang Wei tried to stoke the ball from the side but did not When he touched the ball, he directly kicked Feng Jin down. It can also be seen from the playback that the foul occurred outside the penalty area. Therefore, the referee's penalty can also be explained.


In contrast, the controversy caused by the different scales of referee enforcement this season is particularly obvious. First of all, it must be clear that it is extremely difficult for a league to have as many as 20 or 30 referees maintaining the same law enforcement standards in all competitions, and it is almost impossible to achieve, because the referees are all people, not live and FIFA A sentimental judgment machine. The relatively loose standards of the Premier League and Bundesliga also have strict whistles. The La Liga and Serie A, where there are too many card masters, also have loose whistle averaging 4 yellows or less per game. The different scales of different referees lead to the identification of some suspected fouls. However, this is a normal phenomenon. But the most important thing is that the same referee must maintain a balance between the scales of both sides in a game. This ability is also part of the soil whistle need to improve.


Looking back at the first stage, some referees did ensure the consistency of the scale. For example, Fu Ming, in the fourth round of Shenhua-Dalian match penalty, was criticized. Long Dong's fall to the ground was exaggerated, but physical contact also existed, which was an action that could be blown or not. In the 5th round, Fu Ming was awarded only 1 round at the last moment, and he served as the VAR of Jianye vs. Evergrande. It was also in the final stage. Fernando was knocked down by Gu Cao in the penalty area and served as the referee. Wang Zhe did not penalize a foul, VAR intervened, Wang Zhe went to the sidelines to look back and still did not change the penalty. In fact, it can be seen from the playback that Gu Cao’s action is actually quite obvious. VAR intervention also shows that Fu Ming thinks this is a clear and obvious missed penalty. So at least Fu Ming’s own scale in these two cases is Be consistent.

回顾第一阶段,一些裁判确实确保了量表的一致性。例如,在申花和大连比赛的第四轮比赛中,傅明受到批评。龙洞跌倒在地很夸张,但也存在身体接触,这是可以吹拂还是不能吹拂的动作。在第5轮中,傅明在最后一刻仅获得1轮比赛,他担任了建业与恒大的VAR。它也处于最后阶段。费尔南多在禁区被古曹击倒,担任裁判。王哲没有犯规,VAR干预了,王哲到场边回头,仍然没有改变处罚。实际上,从播放中可以看出,顾Ca的举动实际上很明显。 VAR干预还表明,付明认为这是明显而明显的漏判。因此,至少傅明在这两种情况下自己的规模是一致的。

The negative textbook is the 7th round of Yongchang and Guoan. In the second half of the second half, Bakambu and Oscar were pushed into the opponent’s penalty area. Two similar actions, one awarded a penalty, and the other did not call a foul. The difference in law enforcement standards has led to an impact on the final score. This pot of referee Jin Jingyuan does have to bear it, but after all, the young referee has not enough experience and it is understandable to make mistakes.


In the 7th round of the match between Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang and Hebei China Fortune, there was also a misjudgment. Alexandrini made a retaliatory action after being shoveled by Pan Ximing and was sent off by the referee Zhang Lei. Yali’s red card is no problem, but Pan Xi Mingliang’s sole fly shovel not only has no cards, but Zhang Lei did not even blow a foul, which is very puzzling. If Zhang Lei sent the whistle decisively during the first fly shovel, It is really hard to say whether Yali will retaliate after a foul is judged, and then Zhang Lei points to the headset to signal VAR to intervene, and then gives Zhang Chengdong a yellow card, which is even more confusing. Director Wu, who was dissatisfied with the penalty, also shouted directly into the court: "Zhang Lei! You touch your conscience!"




There is also his recognition of handball movements. There were handball disputes in the 11th round of Wuhan and SIPG, and the 13th round of SIPG and Guoan. The relevant animations have been released above, so I will not repeat them. For specific fouls, please refer to handball. The table of rules. I have to mention the incident in the penalty area during the SIPG vs. Guoan game. In the 54th minute, Vieira fell to the ground under Mui’s defense. Zhang Lei still did not award a penalty after watching the replay. Great controversy.


Through the replay, it can be seen that Mu Yi did kick Vieira, but the Premier League whistleblower Hackett believes that this contact is not enough to award a penalty, and he also believes that Zhang Lei’s original foul cannot be considered “clear and obvious”. The missed judgment, VAR does not need to intervene. In fact, this ball is similar to Guo Quanbo’s foul in the 11th round of China Guoan. It can be judged, but it can also be said that this contact is not enough to judge. It is also possible that half of the 10 referees will judge the other half. In this case, no matter how the penalty is imposed, there will be disputes.

通过重播,可以看出穆伊确实踢了维埃拉,但英超举报人哈克特认为这种联系不足以判处罚款,他还认为张磊的原始犯规不能被视为“明显”。 。错过了判断,VAR不需要干预。实际上,该球与郭权博在中国国安第11轮中的犯规相似。可以判断,但也可以说这种接触不足以判断。 10名裁判中的一半也有可能评判另一半。在这种情况下,无论如何处罚,都会有争议。

In fact, through the above interpretation, it should be found that many disputes and penalties are justified and evidence-based. As for why the dispute is so large, it is actually normal. Under such circumstances, who would be willing to lose the team that they support? But once this critical situation is encountered, no matter how the judgment is made, one side will definitely benefit and the other will suffer. Naturally, there is controversy, and it is normal in the football world.


There are indeed a few referees who did not show the level of the referees of the Super League in the law enforcement. For example, Wang Jing in the Dalian Division, the players fell when they touched on the field, and they blew when they fell on the court. Both sides fell at the same time to see who was more painful, and Guan Xing. , Lin Jun and other business capabilities continue to drop. There are also Shi Zhenlu in the Suzhou Division, Guoan and TEDA made two obvious misjudgments in a row, and Zhang Lei, who was in very poor form this season, but it is undeniable that there are also outstanding referees in the first stage. For example, Wang Zhe in Dalian Division, and Shen Yinhao and Li Haixin in Suzhou Division.

确实有一些裁判员没有显示执法中中超联赛裁判员的水平。例如,大连分区的王静,球员触地时就摔倒了,跌倒在球场上时就吹了。双方倒下,看看谁和关兴更痛苦。 ,林军等业务能力持续下降。苏州分部也有史振禄,国安队和泰达队都连续两次被误判,本赛季状态很差的张磊,但不可否认的是,第一阶段还有出色的裁判。例如,大连分公司的王哲,苏州分公司的申银浩和李海欣。

Wang Zhe is the second-most referee in the Super League in history. He is quite experienced. He has fully demonstrated his strong field control ability in the eight games he has enforced. There are also minor flaws, but there is basically no major controversy. On the other hand, Li Haixin continued to adhere to the law enforcement characteristics of "stable, accurate and ruthless". He sent out the sentry quickly and had a strong ability to recognize red card actions. He was basically able to adhere to his own law enforcement standards. As one of the few young referees born in the Super League, Shen Yinhao has both strength and appearance, and high accuracy of judgment. However, like Li Haixin, he needs more experience in focus battles. In the international arena, Ma Ning retires in a few years. I will look at Shen Yinhao from now on.


In addition, Wang Di, Ai Kun, Xing Qi and Guo Baolong in the Dalian Division and Ma Ning and Jin Jingyuan in the Suzhou Division are also good. Wang Di did not make any particularly significant mistakes or omissions in the 7 games, but the use of VAR in individual games is still open for discussion. Ai Kun's condition is better than last season, and his judgment of serious fouls is still very accurate. The two straight reds in the fourth round of Shenzhen and Jianye and the final round of Shenzhen and Jiangsu were very decisive. Ma Ning has maintained a high level of enforcement in other games except for this serious miscalculation, except for the serious miscalculation of the goalkeeper who moved ahead of time when TEDA was punished. The 47-year-old Guo Baolong, as the only referee in the Super League to change the division midway, has been sent to the Dalian division in the 7th round and has been guarding the sentry for 3 games. With his rich experience in law enforcement, he has effectively controlled the game situation and made more accurate judgments. .

此外,大连分公司的王迪,艾坤,邢奇和郭宝龙,苏州分公司的马宁和金景元也不错。 Wang Di在这7场比赛中并没有犯任何特别重大的错误或遗漏,但是在各个游戏中使用VAR的情况仍有待讨论。艾昆的情况比上赛季好,他对严重犯规的判断仍然非常准确。第四轮深圳和建业以及最后一轮深圳和江苏的两次连续红人非常具有决定性。马宁在其他比赛中都保持了较高的执法水平,除了这种严重的错误计算之外,除了在泰达受到处罚时提前移动的守门员的严重错误计算。 47岁的郭宝龙,作为中超联赛中唯一一名更改分区中级裁判,他已在第七轮被送往大连分区,并一直守卫哨兵3场比赛。凭借丰富的执法经验,他有效地控制了比赛情况并做出了更加准确的判断。 。

Enough trust in Xing Qi and Jin Jingyuan is also the correct decision made by the Football Association. Xing Qi entered the Super League referee sequence a long time ago, but then only served in the Chinese Premier League. He did not return to the Super League until he won a bronze whistle in the Chinese Premier League in the 2018 season. Last year, he served as the fourth official, VAR and AVAR. In the match between R&F and Luneng, they made their debut in the Super League, and then executed two Super League matches, very stable. Although the young Jin Jingyuan has only enforced two games in the Super League before this season (one in the 17th and 18th seasons), he is also an acquaintance of the Super League because he often serves as VAR. In the first stage, the five games in addition to Yongchang and Yongchang mentioned above In addition to the abnormal performance at the last moments of the National Security campaign, the other games played well. I hope the Football Association can continue to appoint them as the referee.


The debuts of several other rookies, including Tang Shunqi, Liang Caiwei, Liu Wei and Huang Yi, also performed at a higher level. But Xing Qi, Liang Caiwei and Liu Wei are all veteran referees over 40 years old. For them, the Chinese Super League debut came a bit late. Huang Yi and Tang Shunqi are relatively young, but they have also been promoted to the Super League list for two or three years. This season, they have persisted in the competition from the beginning to the end, and finally got the opportunity to play law enforcement in the last two rounds of the first stage. The scene where Huang Wing gave consolation after Achim Peng missed the penalty was also recorded by the camera. Nowadays, many of our referees lack communication with the players on the court, let alone the scene of comforting the players. It is really worth giving. Like Huang Yi!


I sincerely hope that the Football Association can continue to exercise these young referees in the next matches. After all, the AFC stipulates that those over 35 years old when registering for the international level for the first time are not eligible to participate in the AFC elite assessment, that is, they cannot enforce the AFC. Any competition under its banner. We can't find every two years like last year that there are two or three who occupy the international level but have not passed the AFC assessment. If you want to change the result, the only two who can apply for the international are over age.


Looking at the young referees who have been promoted to the Super League in the past three years, Zhen Wei, Niu Minghui and Huang Yi will soon exceed the 35-year-old limit. The younger Jin Jingyuan, Tang Shunqi and Mai Mai Tijiang are not a problem, but they have not been able to get them before. The opportunity for law enforcement in the Super League. The young referee has been sitting in the small black room, serving as VAR, and the value of exercise is really much lower than that of real law enforcement. That is, this year's foreign referees have difficulties in entering the country, and they have the opportunity to make their debut in the Super League.


The editor found that the promotion and training of young referees will always be driven by other events. For example, the current core players are all those who had to be promoted to the Super League after the anti-gambling crackdown around 2010. This year, a large number of freshmen have more opportunities to train. It was also because of the epidemic that the Football Association was unable to invite foreign referees to come to enforce the law. I don't know when the referee department of our Football Association will realize the importance of actively training young referees, but this also requires the public opinion environment to give the referees a little space.


I have seen many fans say that Chinese referees are too protected by the Football Association and fined them lightly. After each misjudgment, they stopped for a few games and then came out to enforce the law. In fact, compared to those leagues in Europe, the Chinese Football Association imposes a very heavy penalty on referees. As long as there is a misjudgment, it will stop the sentry. Not to mention the FA, even UEFA can't do it. Take a look at the current UEFA elite referees. Who has not made a major misjudgment in his career? Many of them even made serious mistakes in the European War. Has the sentry stopped? Is it downgraded? None, but continue to reuse. For the referee, isn't the penalty of the Chinese Football Association stopping the sentry at all times not heavy enough? if not? Downgrade whenever you make a mistake? The international level is downgraded to the national level.


Like those controversial penalties, most of them are justified or not. Every referee has his own opinion. If such penalties will be directly scored because some teams suffer losses or some teams gain profits. "Serious misjudgment" and "black whistle" are "criticized" by the whole society. Appealing to the Football Association to demand severe punishment on the referee on duty, then we will only want fewer and fewer people to be referees in the future. Whenever you encounter a dispute, you cry and call to hire a foreign referee. A similar penalty is a high-level foreign referee, while a local referee blows a black whistle. How do you cultivate the kind of perfect referee that some people expect in such an environment?

像那些有争议的惩罚一样,大多数惩罚是有道理的。每个裁判都有自己的见解。如果因为某些球队遭受损失或某些球队获得利润而直接计入此类罚款。 “严重的错误判断”和“黑哨”被整个社会“批评”。呼吁足协要求对当值裁判进行严厉的处罚,那么我们将来只会希望越来越少的人成为裁判。每当遇到争议时,您都会哭泣并打电话雇用外国裁判。类似的惩罚是高级别的外国裁判,而当地的裁判则吹黑哨。在这样的环境中,您如何培养某些人期望的完美裁判?

"If a referee doesn't get scolded for playing in the Super League, it can only mean that he hasn't played enough." This sentence is too appropriate. Recalling last year, Kratenberg and Marzic were permanent in the Super League. It is inevitable that some misjudgments will be made after one season. But by the end of the season, these two world-class referees have been sprayed so terribly. The heavyweight matches even have to invite other foreign referees to enforce the law. Since neither of these two top ten referees can meet the requirements, there are really not many referees left for the Super League.


Many people often say that there are no Chinese referees in the World Cup. To be honest, there is indeed a certain gap between local referees and high-level referees at this stage, but we now have two referees who have the opportunity to enter the World Cup in Qatar. What attracted a cynicism: "What a shame to go out?" Ma Ning and Fu Ming are really high among the elite referees of the AFC. Is it true that the law enforcement of the AFC finals and the four officials of the Asian Cup do not rely on their strength? Does anyone really think we have someone on the AFC Disarmament Committee? If anyone, Hassan, Jasim, and Fagani dare to brag about our national team and club games?

很多人经常说世界杯没有中国裁判。老实说,现阶段当地裁判员与高级裁判员之间确实存在一定差距,但是我们现在有两名裁判员有机会参加卡塔尔世界杯。引起愤世嫉俗的是:“外出丢人吗?”马宁和傅明在亚足联的精英裁判中确实很高。亚足联决赛和亚洲杯四名官员的执法不依靠他们的实力吗?有人真的认为我们在亚足联裁军委员会中有成员吗? Hassan,Jasim和Fagani是否敢于吹嘘我们的国家队和俱乐部比赛?

If someone thinks that as long as they play well in the Super League in one season, they can be promoted to the world and they can play the World Series. That is really wrong. If you want to enter the World Cup, you must first rise step by step in Asia. From the Asian League Cup to the AFC Champions League, then to the World Cup preliminaries, the Asian Cup enforcement, and then the World Junior Championships and the World Youth Championship. Admission tickets, and East Asian referees have always been less popular than West Asian referees in FIFA. What's more, at present Shuklara, Sato Ryuji and AFC pro-sons Hassan and Jasim have already locked Qatar tickets, plus Fagani, these are impossible to be squeezed out, and Manin and Kraft remain. , Beeth, Mahadmeh, and Taki can only compete for the last spot. You can imagine how difficult it is.

如果有人认为只要在一个赛季中在超级联赛中表现出色,他们就可以晋升为世界级,并且可以参加世界大赛。真的错如果要参加世界杯,必须先在亚洲逐步崛起。从亚洲联赛杯到亚冠联赛,再到世界杯预赛,亚洲杯执法,再到世界青年锦标赛和世界青年锦标赛。入场券和东亚裁判在FIFA中一直不如西亚裁判受欢迎。更重要的是,目前舒克拉拉,佐藤隆二和亚足联的亲子哈桑和贾西姆已经锁定了卡塔尔的门票,加上法加尼,这些票不可能被挤出,而曼宁和卡夫仍然存在。 ,Beeth,Mahadmeh和Taki只能争夺最后一席。您可以想象这有多困难。

Fans who often watch the Premier League know that the Premier League has also been controversial and penalized recently. Especially in the match between Brighton and Manchester United, after the referee blew the final whistle, the referee passed the VAR to look back at the penalty kick. This change of sentence did meet the rules, but it was a fatal blow to Brighton. However, even so, the Brighton players have not been entangled with the referee after the referee made a penalty kick. After the penalty kick was taken, the Brighton captain took the initiative to pull away the teammates who were standing around the referee asking for advice. , I stepped forward to peacefully discuss the penalty with the referee, and almost no one made any radical moves throughout the process. Imagine if this kind of penalty appeared in the Super League, what would it be like? Players swarmed to surround the referee? Appeal to the Football Association after the game to punish the black whistle? Blame the loss on the referee's lack of ability? Finally came to the conclusion-the Chinese referee is not saved?

经常观看英超联赛的球迷都知道,英超联赛最近也受到争议和处火狐体育app官方罚。特别是在布莱顿和曼联之间的比赛中,裁判吹响了最后的哨子后,裁判通过了VAR并重新看了罚点球。句子的更改确实符合规则,但这对布莱顿是致命的打击。但是,即使这样,在裁判判罚任意球之后,布莱顿球员仍未与裁判纠缠在一起。罚点球结束后,布赖顿队长主动拉开了站在裁判周围寻求建议的队友。 ,我挺身而出,与裁判和平地讨论了这一处罚,在整个过程中几乎没有人采取任何激进的举动。想象一下,如果这种惩罚出现在超级联赛中,那会是什么样?球员蜂拥而至包围裁判?赛后呼吁足协惩罚黑哨?责怪裁判能力的丧失?终于得出结论-中国裁判不被救?

For those misjudgments that are real, they should be scolded or punished if they should be punished. There are indeed misjudgments, and the measures taken by the Football Association are indeed questionable. I personally think that the Football Association can actually learn from leagues such as the Premier League and even the CBA, and openly explain the penalty after each round of the game, and at the same time strengthen the training of referees' professional ability. In fact, they are like Ma Ning. The four elite referees of the AFC, Fu Ming, Zhang Lei and Shen Yinhao have distinct advantages and disadvantages. If the Football Association can learn from each other’s strengths and make up for the shortcomings of each referee, we believe that our referees’ law enforcement standards are Can be improved.


At the same time, the public opinion field of our society must "be kind to the referees". It is okay to criticize real misjudgments, but whenever you encounter a controversy that is unfavorable to your own party, you will be directly labeled as a black whistle, indiscriminately, and not from the perspective of rules. Objective analysis, as long as there is a dispute, it means that the level of refereeing is insufficient, that is, it is collecting black money. It is the official whistle of a certain team. It is the official whistle of a certain team. It is necessary to appeal to the Football Association to ask for a statement. Some cases use the Chinese Super League case from a few years ago to support the conspiracy theory. This is necessary.


In view of the epidemic situation and the start of major European leagues, it is really unrealistic to invite individual UEFA elite referees to enforce the second stage, but there is currently news that the Football Association will invite three Asian referees to come to enforce the law. Finally, I still hope that our referees can make use of the offseason to make a summary, maintain the state, and strive for a high level of performance in the second stage.




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